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Invasion of Yukon Today!

So Sky Troops and Snow Warriors invaded the Berg server against ECP and won. The Black Dreams showed up right after ECP surrendered.

Simon6789 Edit: I’m pissed at Jason with why he made an army unmerge from us. PS: I wont be on Saturday or Sunday because of this.

Here are some pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, we, along with Sky Troops and Black Dreams will be invading the ECP. Here’s the info!

❗ Invasion of Yukon ❗

When: Saturday April 23rd, 2011

Where: Matterhorn, Town


11:ooAM Pacific

12:00Noon Mountain

1:00PM Central

2:00PM Eastern

18:00PM GMT

Thats all

Comment if you can make the Invasion

7 Responses

  1. You shouldnt be because I was the one who got them to merge into to you in the first place. So it would have been like none of this happened.

  2. Well my computer can’t load ANY chats so I’ll be there but I won’t be on chat though.

    • Jason, because of all this, we’re AT WAR with Storm Warriors now.

  3. Why is Jason on your ranks hes 3ic and hes in CPGT

  4. I could make invasion

  5. I can make it, but are we going on Matterhorn or Yukon? Because It says Invasion of Yukon matterhorn, town!

  6. Hey I was comparing Top Ten results and guess what? SW is tied for 7 with an army that has been hacked on CPAE, and 8th under….get ready for this…SPAAF!! Yup you heard me right. I suggest you have a pb with them, to show what the Snow Warriors of Club Penguin can really do!

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