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Invasion Practice

Well, we will be starting what I call, Invasion Practice. This is basically like a training session, but we pretend we’re invading a server, just so we can gain experience in that actual situation. Now I know we know how to invade, but this will just be extra experience so we can excel at invading. Our war with Storm Warriors will begin next week, I believe, so I think this will help us a bit. Anyways, here’s the info. And don’t forget to read the posts below this!

❗ Invasion Practice

When: Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Where: Ice Pond, Town


➡ 4:00 PM Pacific

➡ 5:00 PM Mountain

➡ 6:00 PM Central

➡ 7:00 PM Eastern

UK Not Expected

6 Responses

  1. I can make it I got free time

  2. I can’t make it.

  3. Just like i always say i cant promise

  4. I can’t make it unless its changed to 7:45

    • Plz change it to 7:45 EST

  5. Nevermind I can make 7:00 EST 😀

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