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Now We Attack

Yes, I believe it is our time to invade now. ECP called off their invasions since they might merge, so I believe we need to invade them while we have our chance. These events will be tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. Comment If You Can Make These. Here’s the times:

Tournament Battle vs. Scouts WE WON!

Invasion of Cozy We Won by Default

Invasion of Ice Berg We Wont by Default, and Beat BSW in Practice Battle


15 Responses

  1. We r merging now. To late. We r merging into green team of cp.

    • Saturday is when the MEETING is not the merging XD did you even read your own post?

  2. maybe

  3. Oh man they merged they were to scared

  4. If we still do this I can come to all I think. 😉

  5. Alright the BSW well try to mobilize for ice berg but we kind of claimed Cozy so after Cozy could you give it to us?

  6. i can make it to all

  7. gv was also invading cozy. they merged so we canceled. should we attack cpgt?

  8. I can make it

  9. I can make it

  10. Snow Warriors advance to the finals in the Tournament of Globes since neither FGR nor ST showed up.

    • no pungy i was there fighting for sky troops sky troops were there it was fgr that wasn’t there i forgot to take pics but ask alex for pics or just read the post on ST

    • Nvm Sky Troops did come.

  11. u cant invade us.some of the extremes merged so we are starting a new genarration of extrmes

    • since when can’t we invade you? we have more than 1 server

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