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The Under Dogs

Yes, today, we have made an upset, and have beaten the Scouts today! This was our greatest battle yet! We finally hit double digits, having about 9 troops at a time, maxing about 10-11! I am thrilled with our great progress so far 😀 Anyways, spare no more details, here’s our pictures.

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9 Responses

  1. We have better pics -.-

  2. 2nd Anyways we did Good

  3. Bad Quality Pics -.- I had better ones -.-

  4. scouts rule

  5. ABOY! Dont be mean.

    Dont say that -.- well its true but they deserved to win. Better tactics and they where more organised.

    Well done SW 🙂

  6. Great work to the SW.

  7. The pics were fine quality, it was cp in low quality mode.

  8. I’m in all of the pics.

  9. We did it

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