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Promotions!/3ic Election

After thinking about it for a long time, I have decided we deserve to do promotions. You guys have worked so hard, and I think you guys deserve it.

Bold= Promotion
Italics= Demotion
Regular= Neither

Leaders: Dvorak (Foo Fighter) and Alex Cone

Advisors: Frothe1

Co-Leaders: Rainbow54334 and Jasiux

Ambassadors: (Elections Coming)


Head General: Kronos215, Simon6789

Grand General: Tic Loo Loo

Major General: skater12312, Pop3468

General: johneverett,  Ralphmets1, Hbk300


Commander:shiny49626, Penguink2

Captain: Pizzaman126, Josephp3

Major: warriorr99, Rocky25721

Colonel: King Pete852, jamaica507




I believe these promotions and demotions are fair. If you believe you DIDN’T deserve a demotion, or feel that you DID deserve a promotion, leave a comment giving your reason. 3ic Election Poll will be closed Wednesday, May 4th, 2011, so vote now!




3 Responses

  1. VOTE FOR SIMON OR ELSE…Nyan cat will rape you

  2. >_>

  3. Whos winning so far

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