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Well, seems like Black Bandits have given us a challenge. An invasion, of our capital, Glacier. Should they successfully invade us, I will decide if we officially declare war, but as of now, this is NOT a war. So don’t go to their site and post flame comments. Anyways, sadly, this was only on a 24 hours and 29 minutes notice, so please try your best to come. Info:

WHO: Snow Warriors  vs BB

WHERE: Glacier

Be on chat for this event! Click here to go there

DAY: Saturday, May 7th, 2011 [TODAY]


➡ 4:00 PM Eastern
➡ 3:00 PM Central
➡ 2:00 PM Mountain
➡ 12:00 PM Pacific
➡ 21:00 GMT (Western Europe)


7 Responses

  1. I cant make it

  2. Jeez with all these armies declaring war on you your bound to fall SOMETIME. shakes head*

  3. I can make it. Frothe If u see this , the timings for the recruiting have changed. Visit the FN site for more details.

  4. BSW will try to help if the shindig over by then We’ll try our best maybe I can mobilize a ally of ours the navy of cp

  5. ill b there 😉

  6. I cant make it i have karate

  7. The Tournament of Globes has moved. Here is the link to the new site: http://cpapclubpenguinarmypress.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/tournament-of-globes/ The Dates/Times are posted there. Post this on your site.

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