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Tournament Battle Sunday!

Alex: obviously, I will be fighting with ST, as I made them, but I wish SW good luck. Mmjjoo or frothe will lead.

Dvorak Edit: I might come late, depending what time I go to church, so highest rank leads! :mrgreen:

Sorry Alex and I haven’t been making posts lately. I seem to have a very short memory, and I don’t know about Alex. Anyways, tomorrow we continue the Tournament of Globes tournament facing our brother allies, Sky Troops. Now, if you’re in both armies and don’t know which army to fight for, I’d say fight for the army you have a higher rank in, or, which army was the first you joined. :mrgreen: Anyways, details below:

:!: Snow Warriors vs Sky Troops :!:

When: Sunday, May 15th

Where: Klondike Server

Judge: Jacknat02


11:00 AM Pacific

12:00 PM Mountain

1:00 PM Central

2:00 PM Eastern

19:00 GMT/UK


  • No Allies
  • No Spying
  • 3 Minute Late Maximum (Lateness Affects Your Outcome)
  • No Claiming
  • 30 Minute Battle Time
  • Post 3 Pictures On Your Site (Minimum)

Now, I am asking for you guys to take the pictures at events. My computer won’t let me save pictures anymore due to an ‘unknown error,’ so PLEASE try to take pictures during events, it will be greatly appreciated. Also, comment if you can make this!


7 Responses

  1. I think I can make it idk yet

  2. i will be there!!

  3. Sorry, but I lead FN I already scheduled a tactic session at that time before you. P.S. Frothe, I know you are FN plz come to our event

  4. Hi Snow Warriors! The Watex Warriors want a friendly PB with you guys!

    When: Saturday, May 21st
    Where: Powder Ball
    Time: 12 PM PST

    Please comment on http://wwofcp.com if you accept! 😀

  5. me come

  6. I will lead. It’s been a long time so.

  7. I will also record the battle if that’s k with you guys

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