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Tri Alliance : Step 1

*I have posted a color-friendly version of this post on Sky Troops *

*Please forgive me for posting this on an army I’m no longer part of, I need as much participation as possible*

It’s you neighborhood retired leader Super Pal 1 here! I’m here to talk about the Tri Alliance. We need to get SERIOUS about this. I’m serious . Today I’m talking about step 1 : Helping our lower ally, the Club Penguin Federal Bureau of Investigation. CPFBI is slowly advancing on its own, but at its current rate it’ll take weeks for them to reach a Small Top 5 rank. With ST in a current war led by former Parka leader Snow Nick, trouble is bound to happen. The Tri Alliance should be about halfway to its former glory within 1 week if everyone participates. I hope to get it to its past’s power in a little over 2 weeks. To fulfill this goal, we need to help CPFBI become ranked within two ranks in the Small Top Ten of Snow Warriors & Sky Troops. That way, the Tri Alliance will be about as powerful as we were in World War Six (Tri vs Parkas). From there, it should be easy to accomplish steps 2 and 3. I will make three how-tos, one for each step. Here’s my first!

~How To Accomplish Step 1~

•ST, SW, and CPFBI will get together twice on a Saturday and once on a Friday to recruit for CPFBI. Hopefully, this will gain a few troops not only for CPFBI, but for the whole alliance as well.

•All ST, SW, and CPFBI troops should recruit for CPFBI on troops when possible. •Once CPFBI has reached about 10 active, CPFBI will have a pb with either SW or ST (the less powerful at the moment) to prove its worthiness.

•Engage Step 2.

 I took extra care writing this post, I want it to be as clear as possible. And let me tell any n00bs out there who think I, as CPFBI’s leader, am being selfish this : There’s no Tri Alliance with one-third missing, and experience proves that troops that have joined one army in the alliance will most likely join the Sky Troops and Snow Warriors also. Thank you, Super Pal 1 signing out.


2 Responses

  1. Hey SP1! I want FN to join the alliance, and make this the Quad alliance. FN needs help too.

    • I approve since your army is a good ally to CPFBI, but I’ll need the atleast 2 more leaders to agree. Hope you get in! 😉

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