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Ummm Mmjjoo?

Edit: Also, stop making posts showing us just a picture or two, it looks unofficial. This is still an army, not a club

Mmjjoo, I know you were once SW leader. But after you left, you were sort of kicked out as Alex Cone and I became leaders. I don’t think can just barge back in as leader after being away for so long while we worked hard to make Snow Warriors great again…Maybe you can be an advisor or something, but not a leader. You’re the 4th legend to come back. First was Kkabc, then Basloo, then Icee(I think in that order), now you. Well, Kkabc and Basloo were offered 3ic, Basloo accepted it, and Icee was given highest mod due to owner ranks being full. Now, I don’t think you deserve to come back as a leader, maybe Advisor or Co-Leader, but not leader. These other troops have worked very hard, and it shows, I don’t think it’s fair that you can just come back into power out of nowhere.

~Foo Fighter/Dvorak~


2 Responses

  1. I look at this with disgust.

    • Kk, shut the fuck up. You’re not in SW, and you most likely never will be, so just fucking leave. You were offered 3ic, but you’re too big of a ‘big shot’ for that. So just leave.

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