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Our Events

Edit: Alex, you don’t to bring Snow Warriors, Global Defenders, and CPFBI to a war against a 2 man army…Snow Warriors officially leave this war.

Training Session

When: Friday, May 20th, 2011

Where: Glacier, Forts


5:00 PM Pacific
6:00 PM Mountain
7:00 PM Central
8:00 PM Eastern
UK Not Expected

Practice Battle with Watex Warriors

When: Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Where:Powder Ball, Forts


➡ 12:00 PM Pacific
➡ 1:00 PM Mountain
➡ 2:00 PM Central
➡ 3:00 PM Eastern
➡ 20:00 UK

That’s all for now. cya!

11 Responses

  1. I should make it to both of them! :mrgreen: (I didn’t attend any events Fri-Sun because my coumpter had a virus buts it fixed now!)

  2. hi sw. this is pink ice 2ic. i was wondering if we could be allies. if you say yes dont add us to the page yet. but plz we would like to be allies. 🙂

  3. Wait can’t make it to the Invasion(I’ll see…)

  4. Wait I might come to the invasion.

  5. Also guys if we dont get 5+ on Our two next events we are doing Bad.WE NEEED TO FUCKING STEP OUR GAME UP we have barley anyone on for the last two events.The training session was TERRIBLE.We had two on then John left so That left me all alone on the fucking chat until Dvorak came.A little bit after more people started to come on I started to realize that why didnt ANYone come on for the event.WE need TO step Up out Game we will No Lonrger be in the top ten if we dont step our gma eup.We need to rise to the top.We will die if we Dont start coming back and making it to events.Just imagine Us Dying.June Smac Top 10 people Will Wonder well where are snow warriors people will answer they died.Well then someone will making a Fucking post saying are they a Legend most people will say no.Well they were doing good and then they died.People will think that we were a non-legend army.But In our Snow warriors heart we will always be snow warriors and we will never die.Our memories of Our good times in the Snow warriors will stay in to we die.So we dont want to die.WE want to become a Major if Possible a World Power army which wil be a test if we can Get anyone on Cp events.IT was my first week of a SW and we had unscheduled events because we were active well We cant get one On a Scheduled event we will be embared by many ARmys.So IF we die who knows what will hapopend to us.We will try to get back to getter and make a Nother Generation.OR if we dont feel like it we will go back to Our Normal Lives on a A Online Computer Game.That most people use for Armys.Most Kids on Club penguin are like 6 years old.No wonder why Cp was losing People.Everyone started to quit Because CP said that In september of 2010 (which passed) cp will become a little more educational to younger Players.Well Most people were like Were done.Snow warriors never quit we fight to the end and die fighting.We are snow warriors lets not be dying armys lets grow.One day we will have to die.But why know we were almost in the medium top ten.We just want to have Fun with you guys but that isnt happening right now because we havent been making events.Some of you are problay wondering about the PB with WW well WW restarted there whole site so they lost the ranks everything.They used to get like 20 on events.Well now they get like 6.Lets beat a army and get more then 6 ON our PB with Watex warriors thats our next Goal for the snow warriors.

    • I say very nonprofessional to swear in a serious matter..

  6. Cant come to any of them

  7. Oreos would like a PB with Snow Warriors, please reply on our site- oreoarmy.wordpress.com

  8. Well we are going to be invading the server glaicer.

    From Snow Warriors.


    3:00 EST

    2:00 CST

    1:00 MST

    12:00 PST

    Where: Club penguin Server Glaicer

    We need lots on.

    Invasion means another server

    Rules:No Spying

    No Bots

    No allies

    If you brake the rules you lose and the other army wins.

    make post as Fast as can We We will see you there tomorrow

    Simon6789 Water Raiders High leader

  9. Tomorrow Sunday May 22nd if there is one

  10. Never mind make it Next Saturday

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