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Snow Warriors: The New Era

Snow Warriors. Today, we begin our new era. How do we start this off? Alex Cone has been overthrown. When you think about it, Alex is the main reason why we are falling. Yet, he blames US for Sky Troops falling. Alex just brings Snow Warriors into a war Sky Troops are in because he needs our help. Bringing us won’t help us, it will just kill both of us even more. So as of now, I will be the only leader, but this won’t be exactly like a dictatorship.

So, back to the war thing I said just a second ago. At first, it was just Sky Troops vs ClubPenguin Lightning. Overreacting to how ST is ‘falling,’ Alex brings in CPFBI, GD, and us, of course. Because of this, CP Lightning is bringing Scouts, CPGT, and BSW. So, I’m taking SW out of this, and letting whatever happen, happen. Since Alex has no power in SW anymore, he can’t summon us to fight Sky Troop battles, leaving us to do whatever we want basically. To reduce his power, he WILL be allowed to stay in Snow Warriors, but only as a highest moderator. Now, this is all I really have to say for now. Just to recap, I am the only SW leader now, Alex has been overthrown, we have left the soon-to-be war.

That is all.


9 Responses

  1. This is going to cause tons of trouble.
    1) Alex will probally react as a mad man to this and throw ST and SW together in an all out war to the death.
    2) This is going to tear apart the Quad Alliance. There goes my plans to make us a powerful group again.
    3) Along with 1, alot of ST’s allies are also allies with SW. All those allies will be ripped apart
    4) This might result in a SW rebellion. Bad news for this growing army.
    5) This army will fall through the ranks rapidly. Your a good leader Dvorak, but you need a right hand man for the best leadership.
    6) Was he actually overthrown? Or did you just kick him out? It’d only be fair if he was impeached or the army voted to kick him out, making him overthrown.
    7) You should have talked to Alex before this. Give him a warning. He didn’t know.
    8) I have not seen that Alex has blamed SW for ST’s
    falling. Infact, ST is rising!
    9) I do not see how SW is falling.
    You’d be best off leaving Cone alone.

  2. xD he’s gonna be pissed but we made a decision that could keep us alive

  3. Eh, CPGT decided NOT to get involved. I just need to tell Snow Nick..

  4. You know, Alex Cone CARED for SW. He SWEARED to be a good leader. And you do THIS to him. Take a freakin poll atleast. He didn’t deserve this in the tiniest bit.

  5. Also, I put him in charge. Even though I’m retired, you should’ve gotten my permission, or atleast ASKED before you did this. You didn’t only hurt Cone, you hurt me.

    • I overthrow, I dont have to just ask people, I do it.

  6. Can I take Alex’s spot *goo*

  7. Shit kicking Out one person made 2 people leave Super and Alex

  8. This army always has been a dictatorship. That cannot be changed now, especially by you. It is a sad day when somebody must make up lies to boot somebody out. Read my take on this here

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