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Well Then.

Yes, well then. Obviously I see a revolt coming soon, and that’s fine by me, I can always just leave Snow Warriors when I feel like it and completely kill them. Simon quits SW and gets WR to declare war on us just because I won’t let SW merge into WR. Quite childish of him to do so. Anyways, that is all. Enjoy life and whatnot, I don’t care.


38 Responses

  1. Nice editing skills SuperPal, you’re now off the site.

    • You’re playing a dangerous game, Dvorak, one that you cannot win.

      • Dont you hate dvorak and his attiude

      • He can win, cuz imma on his side

    • Uh…I’m off the site cause I said good idea? 😕

  2. ” I can always just leave Snow Warriors when I feel like it and completely kill them.”
    You are 1/2 right. You can leave them anytime, but I will always keep them alive.

    • And so will I. I will NEVER let Snow Warriors perish. Without SW I wouldn’t be in CPUN. I wouldn’t have led CPFBI to medium. I would not be Sky Troops 4ic. I’d be nothing. And who cares if you took me off the site? I’m on SW 3rd gen and you aren’t, as soon as you give up on SW I’ll be in charge again. You will never succeed in killing SW.

      • Wow this army has changed

      • The dodo bird can say that again 😛

      • Ikr dodo

  3. http://clubpenguinsmac.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/the-spring-open-tournament/ Snow Warriors are invited.

  4. Dvorak you know your atiude made so many people leave this army.I left because I know you always hate me and many more Stuff.

    • Yes your correct about Dvorak’s attitude but I will still fight for the nation of SW

    • Simon to be honest a lot of people dont like you either – like me 😀

      And i actually respect hades for his character …

  5. Were going to be done you and Alex Both Created Sw togheter so that means you cant overthrow him its to late

  6. The PB with WW failed no one showed up mabye the overthrow and getting me fired was a bad idea

  7. congrats!SW amde CPAP’s medium top 10!

  8. Ouch?

  9. I am coming back to Snow Warriors, AS LEADER, today, and NO ONE is going to stop me! So add me to the site as admin, Super Pal 1 is back.


      • Your point? I’m trying to save SW here this army is in a wreck currently. I don’t see you coming back to try and help out.

      • MOO.

    • I stopped you.
      Nuff Said.

      • Ever since you’ve came to power, you’ve been acting like supreme overlord. YOUR NOT. Alex Cone had just as much power as you, and you had no right to kick him out. Also, three retired successful leaders (Mmjjoo, Kkabc, and me) have tried to come back as leader to help. You’ve already proven yourself a dictator. If your claim that this army isn’t a dictatorship, prove it and let me come back as leader. Even if you don’t, I have ways of coming back. I’m friends with more powerful people then you think. I have way more power than you. I’m in CPUN. I’m creator of CPFBI who can TIE you now that you’ve kicked Cone out. So if you care at all for this army, admin me as soon as you see this comment and never think anything of it.

      • They didnt come back to ‘help,’ they just wanted the power since SW has been doing well. And if youre gonna get CPFBI to declare war on SW and kill them, then what good does that make you?

      • I never said I was going to declare war on SW as CPFBI leader you freakin idiot. Learn to read.

      • I can read, dumbass. I was foreshadowing, if you know your literary terms.

      • I wouldn’t like being lead by a dictator that thinks it’s cool to swear all the time. You NEED someone else by your side Dvorak.

  10. See what you have done? Now about almost all of the ACTIVE members are gone.

  11. You are invited for a PB with Fort Ghost Recon.
    Click for details:

  12. I dont think Snow Warriors are going to survive.

  13. Your killin your self from the inside! Remember what your here for!

    News flash: The same guy who made the SW copy is making a “team green.” If they do appear anywhere maybe we could destroy them. 😛


  14. Also, this is a lot like the 1st SW site argument. How the creator (I believe) said you guys have no life.. I feel this army has a bit of a makeshift bond if you know what I’m saying.

    • Correct keith and you know what im retiring until dvorak is overthrown ok?

      • I say “Good choice” to pop. I say “See what you’ve done? Everyone hates you now!” to Dvorak.

  15. I quit….. (not because of Foofighter/Dvroak,just to busy right now…)

  16. Stop quitting and retiring!!! WTF!!!

  17. I’m w/ Dvoark and T_T PLEASE DONT QUIT!

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