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Getting a few things sorted out.

Ok, even though Dvorak has(sadly) left, Super Pal 1 and I are now in charge. We are a member of the Quad-Alliance. This is also an active count. If you are still active and loyal to the Snow Warriors, comment below answering these questions.


SW Rank:

How active are you?:

I hope you don’t need an example, but I’ll give one anyway.

Name: Alex Cone

SW Rank: 1ic

Activeness: 8

If you say you’re a 10 in activeness, I’ll bop you on the head and demote you, because you’re lying.

Also, in order to prevent mistakes from being made in the future, we will soon impliment a Senate. I’ll give more details on that later. Until then, cya!


18 Responses

  1. 1. Hbk300
    2. General
    3. 9/10

  2. Super Pal 1
    8 1/2

  3. 1. Anna1090
    2. Just a person in the army
    3. 6 (I just bookmarked!)

  4. 2. is actually Private. Sorry ’bout that.

  5. 1.pop3468
    2. i think major general or something

  6. 1.Jasiux
    2.Teh epic 2ic

    • Bops on head.

      • I think he means 1.0/10, considering he never attends events when he actually is online for them. Saying ‘CP won’t work for me’ everytime

  7. Can I have my 3ic back.

    SW Rank:Old 3ic

    How active are you?:10

  8. Name: Frothe1

    SW Rank: Advisor

    How active are you?: Well I have been gone for almost 2 weeks now but as soon as school is over I will become active again. 😉

  9. Name: Skater12312

    SW Rank: Major Gen

    How active are you: 7-8

  10. Dude i came up with the idea of the tri allience that makes me a member too

  11. Dodo= best ideas but bad speller

    • If you had the best idea’s you would’ve made it into advanced language with me -.-

  12. 1) Rainbow54334
    2) Sw 2ic
    3) 9.5

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