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That ‘Red Alert’ Event

Super Pal 1 made that event up just to see how many troops are active, it was a drill. Now, I was planning on making it, but my old friend suddenly starting hanging out with me today, and we’ve been busy doing stuff. If you attended the Glacier defense, comment on this. I want to see how many troops actually came.

So, that’s about all I have to say, I’ll plan an event tomorrow, unless someone else will. So yeah, ‘Stay Frosty.’ :mrgreen:

7 Responses

  1. Yeah, I was hanging with my 2 close friends also.

    • Imagine how awkward that would be if we were somehow friends in real life and we actually know each other, but lie about where we live…:mrgreen:

      • Yeah, but the two friends I were hanging out with both have CP accounts, none of them have a Slobbysnake…

  2. I keep missing events!!! I was at my cuzzies’ house and I couldn’t go on the internet. I’ll try to be there next time!

  3. I came not a troop and frothe came too sp1 came right when they surrenderd lol and the rest were ST

  4. Oh wait defense of our capital a drill oh i was teh only one there it was horrible then i find out it was just a dril SP IM GOING TO KILL YOU AFTER THIS SUMMER!!!:x

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