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Defense Results!

Aloha! Tis me, Super Pal! I’m here with the results of the Ice Pond Defense! It was quite a treat, and surprise, to have our old leader and HOFer, Super Pal 3, join us!

During the first 5 minutes, we were losing drasticlly, in both size and tactics. However, this changed rapidly throughout the battle. Despite being  forced to regroup in the Penguin Stadium mid-battle, we did not retreat or show any sign of giving up the whole battle. In fact, we turned the tables on the enemy, forcing them all the way from the Snow Forts, to the Plaza, up to the old ‘Snow Forts’ Dojo, and finally to the Iceberg. In the Plaza, SF made a mistake of claiming the room. I, as part of the CPUN staff, made my way to the advisary’s chat and together, the two leaders came to a verdict. SW and SF would share Ice Pond as allies, and the small remainder of the battle was changed to a practice battle. In the end, Snow Warriors emerge with their server still in their clutches!

~Super Pal 1, Snow Warriors leader, signing off.


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  1. I was there for like 1 min :3

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