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New stuff/Old stuff

If you look at the ranks page you will notice that they are color coded once again.

If your active your name will be in green. This will indicate you may look forward to a promotion at the end of each month. Of course the higher rank you are the harder it gets to move up since there are a limited amount of openings at the highest ranks.

If your not active for a month your name will turn yellow. This indicates you will not get a promotion nor a demotion. This is a warning sign that you need to get active again.

If your inactive after your name turns yellow the next month you will get demoted and your name will turn red. You will continue to get demoted until you reach the rank of private. Then you will be removed from the ranks altogether.


The medals page is now complete and is located on the Pages menu to your right.

You will get medals for attending events. This will aid the leaders in who is active and who is not.

You will also get the chance to become Soldier of the Month (SOTM). You will get your picture taken and posted on the front page for the month. Then your picture will be added to the Soldier of the Month alumni on the Hall of Fame page.

How do you get to be Soldier of the Month you ask? Get the most medals thats how. *Leaders may not become SOTM.

We, the leaders, will try to keep track of who gets medals.

If your on chat but not at an event do not expect a medal.

If you feel that you have been overlooked then speak up and comment on the medals page and the leaders will decide if you should or should not get any medals.

Enjoy ~ Frothe Farkle :mrgreen:

2 Responses

  1. Thanks a whole lot Frothe!

  2. Wow! This will encourage me to try to go to all the events. Thanks 😀

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