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Tactics Training!

OK so for soldiers to earn medals we need events. 🙂

We will have a tactics session this week. We were a bit sloppy in our tactics on Sundays invasion. So I want leaders to re-familiarize themselves with the tactics page.

When? Thursday June 16th

Where? Meet at Ice Pond Town


  • 1pm PST
  • 2pm MST
  • 3pm CST
  • 4pm EST
  • 9pm GMT

I hope these times will work out for us. Comment if you can make it. :mrgreen:

We got to make a line and do one tactic and CP shut down to load up Music Jam Party. 😐

I gave medals to everybody who came on chat but didn’t make it on because of CP shutting down.


7 Responses

  1. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ughh, I missed it. Pretty cool that u guys were on when CP loaded the music jam!

    • OHH! NOW I KNOW WHY I MISSED IT! I had a pretzels event and forgot about this one, sorry

  3. Hahaha. The “Greatest Warriors” the Snow Warriors aren’t in the CP SMAC Top 10. I think Green Fire of CP is now more active and stronger than you. I should take revenge on you for attempting to go to war with us when we started I have an idea. A WAR. It will be for supremacy over your servers and your nation. If Green Fire wins Snow Warriors will join us or quit. If you win Green Fire will leave you alone forever. If its a deal email me. Rules for war. No allies, no spies, no bots, no hacking. If Sky Troops attack us it will have to be after our with you

    • How about this. You shut up or I’ll get a ton of armies on your butt.

      • XD

  4. Hai. I’m Pink Ice Main Leader. I have been watching this army and I am impressed. Dispute your fall and small sizes you continue to fight. You won’t let this army die. I was thinking about leaving Pink Ice and letting them die but after seeing this armies persistence…it has tought me something. It has tought me never to give up. No matter your size or strength OR being made fun of cuz of your size ou continue to fight on. You guys have helped me. And I thank you. 😉

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