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Leaders, Step Up To The Plate

I am speaking for myself here. Leaders, step up to the plate and be leaders. That’s what you’re supposed to be doing. We shouldn’t be seeing the only troop posting being an advisor, who is slowly losing hope in this army once more. My demands: not too much, but if you guys fail to bring Snow Warriors back into the ClubPenguin SMAC’s Small Army Top 10 within two more editions, I shall resume as leader with Frothe and ONLY Frothe.

So now, the choice is yours. continue on being a drag, or help Snow Warriors rise before I do it myself. If I do resume as leader once more, it will only be until August, once I assume my position as Nachos leader. Carry on.


3 Responses

  1. Last year I was made leader and Cahockey left me and Mmjjoo to lead. Then Mmjjoo started to go awol from time to time and I carried the work load.

    Kkabc tried to help but then became involved with IV and I carried the work load.

    Everybody went back to school after the summer and I carried the work load.

    Then I started to get busy with real life and the Snow Warriors fell. I thought new leadership might help SW so I made SP1 and SP3 leaders but we continued to fall.

    Then Foo Fighter (Dvorak) came back and wanted to try to get SW active again. We did start to grow again and Dvorak carried the work load.

    Sure some mistakes were made and I felt a little burned-out cuz I know what it took last year to get us to medium. But I think there is enough SW spirit left for us to last the summer.

    You may or may not know, but I will retire from CP armies in August. Thats 2 months away. After that the fate of SW will be in your hands.

    • Yea and i have to say something You how cp said waddle around and meet new friends They were not kidding Xd I made a bunch of friends

  2. Erm Frothe? I didn’t come to events for SW because they were too early for me. My dad uses the computer till 12 for his work and all of the battles were at 11, so when it was a 2 I came. IV was growing and times were good for me. We even made it to 5th largest in CPAC! So you can see that I tried to help but couldn’t.

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