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IMPORTANT EDIT: Tuesday’s defense will be post-poned for an hour, this post is updated to current battle times.

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Two armies, teaming up, just to fight….us? That doesn’t seem quite fair, 2 vs 1, does it? Well, Black Bandits and Water Raiders have joined forces just to attack us…I don’t understand their move, but, we have to defend our nation! Here is the information needed:

***Due To ClubPenguin Bugs, Defense of Iceland will be RESCHEDULED***


Defense of Ice Berg

When: Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
Where: Ice Berg, Town
Times: 1:00 PM PST, 2:00 PM MST, 3:00 PM CST, 4:00 PM EST, 9:00 PM UK


Defense of Ice Pond (Our Half)

When: Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
Where: Ice Pond, Town
Times: 12:00 PM PST, 1:00 PM MST, 2:00 PM CST, 3:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM UK


Defense of Shared Servers (Our Parts)

When: Thursday, June 20th, 2011
Where: Yukon and Cozy
Times: 12:00 PM PST, 1:00 PM MST, 2:00 PM CST, 3:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM UK


8 Responses

  1. Pink Ice need to be active. And this doesn’t seen fair to you guys sp we might help defend 1 or 2 servers. I will provide mote info later.

  2. Do you guys need help in this war?

  3. Hades I need to talk to you about something – a little erm interesting O_O

    • also in cade i dont get to talk to you – the tuesday one is being postponed 1 hour.

      • *case (shifty)

  4. I can make em, and FN owns Iceland

  5. wait what someone was attacking our servers?

    • Just SW’s part of them, but it’s ok, the war is over, nothing lost, nothing gained

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