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Two Tournament Battles! [TODAY!!!!]

We have advanced in CPTC’s tournament. Here comes a challenge: Air Force. They are slightly bigger than us, I think. I’m sure we can make an upset here. Well, technically we can’t make an upset, we are the 2nd seed in this tournament, Snow Fighters being first. Maybe we’ll see them in the championship? Hopefully. Anyways, here are times for CPTC’s and CPAE’s tournaments:

*We Are Facing Snow Fighters In This Battle*

CPAE Tournament Round 1
When: Friday, July 8th, 2011
Where: Klondike, Town [TODAY!!!!]

12:30 PM Pacific
1:30 PM Mountain
2:30 PM Central
3:30 PM Eastern
8:30 PM UK


CPTC Mini-Cup Battle 
When: Thursday, July 7th, 2011
Where: Cozy, Snow Forts

12:00 PM Pacific
1:00 PM Mountain
2:00 PM Central
3:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM UK



5 Responses

  1. i can come on both

  2. I want a link to this CPTC place.

  3. Air Warriors were just revived. I was wondering if we could have a practice battle. It would be Wednesday/July 13/Server=Kosciusko. It would be at 12:00 noon Pst. We would love to have this friendly PB. We could use the help and It would be fun to battle the Old and Legendary Snow Warriors. Pleaze reply to this comment. Thank you

    Air Warriors 2ic

    • Declined for now. Sorry, maybe after the tournaments are over

  4. The Black and Orange Team challenges you to a PB on Sunday the 10t.
    Where: Crunch
    When: 4 pm EST
    Our site: http://blackandorangeteamcp.wordpress.com/

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