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We Lost….

Yeah, we lost against NFF in the tournament. We DID have a disadvantage, since we didn’t know the times, unlike NFF. THey maxed 3, we maxed 2. They performed 5 tactics, we performed 10. Just goes to show you how one more penguin wins a battle. We need to get more active. I was somewhat fine when we averaged 4, now we get like 2-3….unacceptable. Well, now we have no more battles or anything, I guess. I will plan some recruiting sessions for next week, so check back.



3 Responses

  1. Yeah Alex is at summer camp and I had to get my teeth cleaned. So we would of had 4 i guess. Oh well. 😦

  2. As you wish

  3. Incase you have not noticed, you should have won. The judge was either biased or too stupid to see how tactics count more than size. Including by only 1.

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