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To All Noob Armies…

Okay, in the past two days, we’ve gotten two special comments. Both of those comments were invasion comments. Both were trying to invade our empire. Their problem: They don’t know the rules. They planned the invasions like 3 hours before the event. To all noob armies, you must tell an army 24 HOURS AHEAD of time for it to be official.

Any who, sorry for the very short post. But I just really wanted to let everyone know some common knowledge. As for our two battles held on Friday. We did pretty good against Puffle Warriors, we averaged/maxed 7-8. A judge didn’t show, so we were unable to decide a winner. As for the battle verse Snow Fighters, that was postponed, I think.


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  1. hi my name is deliburger. yesturday augest 1 i talked to one of the leaders of this army. I think his name was josh. Or something. Anyways i just wanted to say im willing to offer this site some gfx if they would like it. Note this is not free but at a low price. Also if you order we would appreshiate it if you put our banner up on our site. If you would like to order just head over to http://www.cpgfxexpress.wordpress.com and order away

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