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Battle with Dark Spartans

Well, glad I saw this while I was online. Some noob, of course…ANOTHER noob with an army, has challenged us. They made the times cheap, well, the time they told us that it. Here is the information. I like how he wants us to bring all allies, and I happen to be Nacho leader (I got promoted last night.) Here be thar information:


5:00 PM Pacific
6:00 PM Mountain
7:00 PM Central
8:00 PM Eastern
1:00 AM UK


4 Responses

  1. Sorry about that my co leader posted that we want a pratice battle we dont want to be enemies we want to be allies we dont want enemies so yea pratice battle lol and i demoted that guy that wrote that and i am in your army so i wouldnt want enemies anyway

  2. you know what we should have a battle i dont want to be enemies again but it will teach my troops how to be real troops in cp warfare

  3. Hi i am the head rep for the CPSAAP
    The CPSAAP helps small armies get the attention they need.


    join today!

  4. I think I can come.

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