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The Sad End

Hello to anybody who reads this post. I, Alex Cone, leader of the Snow Warriors, hereby close down the Snow Warriors. Why? Here’s why.

1. Dvorak and I balanced each other out. Without him leading along side me, SW won’t make it far again.

2. The only other person that I believe would have the best shot to lead with me was Frothe, and now he, too, has retired.

3. I no longer have time to lead an army with too many inactive troops. I am in too many armies, including being Sky Troops leader, Nachos moderator, Ninjas Highest member, Light Troops highest member, and I am owner in many small armies.

Please know, this is NOT a merge, because we were too great of an army to merge into somebody else.

As for our land, it will be given to armies that I know will put it to good use. There are 3 armies that will recieve land, and they are the Club Penguin Rangers, the Sky Troops, and the Snow Fighters, who were 3 of our allies.

The CPR will recieve the following servers


The Snow Fighters will recieve the following servers

Ice Berg
Deep Freeze
Below Zero

the Sky Troops will recieve the following servers

Ice Pond

I know this is very sad, but it was inevitable that when so many owners retired, we wouldn’t make it. Now, for links to armies that, if this was your only army, these could be armies that you could join and have fun in.






If you think of another, please notify me.

On a last note, Nobody may restart the Snow Warriors without permission from either me or Dvorak/Hades/Slobbysnake.

Thank you for the fun times, and hopefully we will someday get the Snow Warriors to rise again, when we all find time.


22 Responses

  1. Add me on site. CHRISTIANVS@SBCGLOBAL.NET p.s make me a administrator.

    • I suppose you could lead, I thought you might be a little busy though.

      • I’m not leading I’m going to make a post about the history of SW.

      • ahh

      • Thats a good idea for a memorial post. 😉

        ps: I got lots of pics. I saved them all. 🙂

      • Ice Pond from last year. XD

  2. I refuse to see this army die. The Snow Warriors will not die as long as i live.


      • lol

      • Kills Aj

  3. Meh, history seems to repeat itself. This was like the same scenario last time. Frothe and SP1 didn’t know what to do, and two new people brought SW back to the time. History repeats itself like I said.

    • agreed. I’d lead, but without you, I couldn’t get us back up as high in the top 10 as we were.

    • I think in time with a popular name like the Snow Warriors a new generation will appear and start a new army that may be as epic as ours was.

  4. fail

  5. If you are an experienced, epic, army leader and you want to lead an army with potential go here http://banditspwn.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/bandits-pwn/

  6. I am Gonna Miss This Army You Were All Good Leaders I Enjoyed The Time We Had Together

  7. Hi! I am Night Fury, from the Ninja Freedom Force (NFF)! Your army looks awesome, a worthy small army! YOUR army has been selected to merge into the Ninja Freedom Force (if you accept) Your troops should receive high ranks in the army.

    If you are even considering it:


    with your and our troops we could be a high small! NFF is also a top ten on CPAE, and has beaten IW before!

    -Night Fury0-

  8. May i restart this army please im a good leader


  10. A ninja snow army is on the rise http://xat.com/NinjaSnowArmy . Brave ninjas are need.

  11. The Snow Ninjas are a brave people. We are nonviolent penguins that help petrol the island, battle invading armies, and teach the art of peaceful war to others young ninjas. We grow are skills by playing card-jitsu at the dojo and gathering for training practice each week.

    We Come in Peace,
    Scout 11

  12. GO TO http://www.cparmyalerts.wordpress.com or

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