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Who Keeps Viewing This Site?

Honestly, this site gets views every day, even though the army has been dead for like, what? 2 years? This army is dead. If you magically see this somehow, comment saying who you are, please.


28 Responses

  1. Hello I am JoeyMaster41

    • I only found this site on the side of a WP bar.

  2. derp

  3. Im Jai

  4. Yo! I’m SoraXFirework, Sora for short.

  5. Lel

  6. Yup its Brooke

  7. MOO!!! LOL 😀

  8. Whats Up11 here.

  9. i m michaelv7777

  10. LOL

  11. ME. Starting 4th 😉

  12. Herrrrp. Found this site about three times while looking at other dead armies.

  13. whats up its cahockey your old leader/creator bitchezz

  14. wassup it’s Alex. I view this site.

    • Don’t know why I am here xD

  15. I some times view this site
    i think it is kind of cool

  16. i was looking for tornado force found this im champ hello

  17. I’m Rishron *wary*

  18. sup its pequa, bring this army back!

  19. i want it back on it looked fun

  20. I’m Egbert 3487 that’s who!

  21. Viewing for SMAP post on this army.

  22. Zach 11 here, searched Snow Ninjas on Google and found this?

  23. Someone who is looking for the snow ninjas.

  24. And I would like to lead this army someday.

  25. Salutations! I was Googling the Snow Penguin Army…. I somehow ended up here though!

  26. hiya, I’m Leila and nacho mod so ye hi e-o…..

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