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Its me Kkabc123

Just stopped by, miss you guys. If anyone sees this email me at christianvs@sbcglobal.net itd be a pleasure to say hi to you guys. Not sure if im allowed to post here but uh delete it if you feel as if it stains this site anyways

Sw Forever


I havent been on in awhile

So hi…

Giving this another try

You hear me I’m back in SW! But I need you guys prove it to me. Although I will put IV in front of SW if I have to (Hope you don’t get mad about where my loyalty  lies) . I mean really PROVE it to me! I am returning but idk if I will be leader idc what I am. Although *AHEM* I could be uhh *AHEM* leader jk jk. But I might not be active. So should I rejoin SW? Maybe we should merge CPFBI and SW since practically we’re the same. Idk but I miss you guys!

                                  ~Teh Chris Da Kk

Final Goodbye/Awards of the year

Ok im gone really.You guys are going to be like you’ll come back.No I won’t I will be in IV for now on.

In other words Awards!

On the 30th we will announce the winners.

Leader Of The Year:

Most Active:

Most Funniest:

Member of the year:

Mod of the year:

Owner of the year :

That’s it for now.


Activating plan active

Well I’m leaving for a while because of report cards. I know I know you should be better in school blah blah blah. But we still need to be active. Everytime I go on chat nobodys there. SO WERE GOING INTO PLAN ACTIVENESS ness ness…


2. Goto events

3. Try to stay on chat

4.  2 words Unscheduled Recruiting always do this I mean seriously.

I might be gone for a while maybe not depends if I get grounded so peace for now.


Also Cahockey since your main leader we expect you to be active. I know your busy with homework and stuff. But I’m just say that maybe Frothe should be main leader. He deserves it. He comes to all the events. So maybe he should be main leader.

War canceled by PH

Frothe edit: Purple Heads have canceled the war with us.

So were at war with Purple Heads. They did the times here it is. I copied it from their site.


Who: Ph vs Sw

What: Invasion

When: Monday November 1st

Where: Icepond Town (to start)

Times: 7:00pm ESt, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST


Who: Ph vs Sw

What: Invasion

When: Tuesday November 2nd

Where: Below Zero Town (to start)

Times: 7:00pm ESt, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST


Who: Ph vs Sw

What: Invasion

When: Wednesday November 3rd

Where: Matterhorn Town (to start)

Times: 7:00pm ESt, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST


Who: Ph vs Sw

What: Invasion

When: Thursday November 4th

Where: Snowglobe Town (to start)

Times: 7:00pm ESt, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST


No Bots allowed

No Allies allowed: All allies will not count, just PH and SW!

30 minute battle

No claiming

Largest army wins

If your late, you lose


These invasions will be worth 7 medals each. Comment if you can make them. These battles may decide the fate of the Snow Warriors.


Kkabc123’s retirement

Ok this is for real. Im going to retire.

Well i started playing miniclip and I saw this game called Club Penguin but I thought I had to pay. So my sister made this penguin called Kkabc123. I made one but Kkabc123 was more rarer. So I started using it. So one day I started wandering around in Mammoth which is kinda impossible for a non-member to get inside. And I saw this army which was Green vs Red in other words ACP vs UMA  I think so I was going for green throwing snowballs at the red then it was over. A couple weeks later I searched ACP and joined. I was super active then I joined the Nachos for fun and ended up quiting ACP as I joined The Nachos I was treated like a noob and ignored but I didnt care as  I was in a battle with the Nachos Florida 111 invited me to be his friend on cp. So I was looking on Nacho site and I saw Florida 111 fan site so I clicked it and then I started coming to his patrols and soon he retired as a Lieutienet General then he gave his site to Frothe1 but he was thrown out of the Nachos. So Flo invited me to be the new owner on his site. Instead we made another army The Ghost Pirates then it was growing fast 5 people joined in 2 days. So then it Failed. Florida111 made the site a cheats site then he disappeared. So I gave up on his site and moved on. So then I was in many CP armies and there I became friends with Supperz for was leader of BP which was major at that time and Lucairo564 leader of Watex Warriors and is now ACP Co-Leader. In Molten warriors then we merged to Elites 2g I think nobody on chat ever. Supperz membered me then I quit there then I was going  to alot of cp armies from there. So then Frothe1 invited me to Snow Warriors. So I saw that SW was pretty good. With about 5-7 per event so I joined. I  went through the ranks to leader just 6  diffrent ranks. Then around that time we were succesful being #1 in top ten small armies. Then Cahockey retired then we made a new site so we ended getting up to 3 per battle. I  spend my  time on this army which has fallen. I mean we struggle to get 3 persons if we get 5. Two people dont even come back or join. Plus I feel like I’m not a leader. So I’ll be on for 2 weeks more.

Cahockey-You are a awesome  friend and a great leader

Frothe1-Your probally my best friend in SW.

Mmjjoo-Your a good friend even though you tried to demote me

Basloo-Your a good friend

SP1234-You guys are like the most active relatives

EVERYONE ELSE IN SW-You guys are awesome and thanks for the memories.

Ok I may not be a if I wasnt here SW would’nt be what is today person but it was fun hanging out with all you guys.This isnt fake I’m really retiring. Thanks for the memories.

~Former Leader Kkabc123~