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Who Keeps Viewing This Site?

Honestly, this site gets views every day, even though the army has been dead for like, what? 2 years? This army is dead. If you magically see this somehow, comment saying who you are, please.


Retiring From Snow Warriors

Well, I’m sorry I have to do this, but I don’t have a choice. I’ve became Nacho leader. I no longer have time to lead Snow Warriors, especially now, during this World War, which I created. I’m simply retiring from Snow Warriors. I’ll leave Alex to decide who the next leader will be. Here be my Snow Warrior thanks:

Frothe1: Always a good troop and a great leader. Very friendly dude. Even though you’re retiring, I hope you’ll still be on chats, come visit Nachos sometime. 😛

Alex Cone: A great person to co-lead this army with. We got pretty far, and accomplished a lot as leaders. Good luck with Sky Troops, and I look forward to you being active in Nachos. (wary)

Rainbow/Garrett: Very active troop, one of the best in Snow Warriors. Good luck in Snow Warriors and have fun in Nachos. 😛

Jasiux: Although you’ve been really…REALLY inactive and probably won’t see this, good luck in SW.

Simon: You’re starting to get inactive, but hopefully that changes soon. You were like the first person I recruited in SW when I became leader in SW. Don’t fail me.

Other Owners + Conan: I never really got to know you guys, but try to stay active and help SW rise higher than I could’ve.

Penguink2: Good luck with Fire Ninjas

Dath: An AMAZING TROOP! Extremely active, if not one of the MOST ACTIVE EVER in Snow Warriors. Glad I got to know you. Good luck in your journey with ClubPenguin Armies!

The Members/Troops: Guys, it’s your job to be as active as possible and help bring Snow Warriors back up. We’ve been around for a long time, and let’s make it longer, while growing!

Well, I guess that’s about it. If you ever need to contact me, I will be on Nacho chat, as always.

Good luck Snow Warriors,

Battle with Dark Spartans

Well, glad I saw this while I was online. Some noob, of course…ANOTHER noob with an army, has challenged us. They made the times cheap, well, the time they told us that it. Here is the information. I like how he wants us to bring all allies, and I happen to be Nacho leader (I got promoted last night.) Here be thar information:


5:00 PM Pacific
6:00 PM Mountain
7:00 PM Central
8:00 PM Eastern
1:00 AM UK

To All Noob Armies…

Okay, in the past two days, we’ve gotten two special comments. Both of those comments were invasion comments. Both were trying to invade our empire. Their problem: They don’t know the rules. They planned the invasions like 3 hours before the event. To all noob armies, you must tell an army 24 HOURS AHEAD of time for it to be official.

Any who, sorry for the very short post. But I just really wanted to let everyone know some common knowledge. As for our two battles held on Friday. We did pretty good against Puffle Warriors, we averaged/maxed 7-8. A judge didn’t show, so we were unable to decide a winner. As for the battle verse Snow Fighters, that was postponed, I think.

This Week’s Events!

Well, we have won the practice battle with RMA, which was a no show. We got 3 people, although we probably could’ve gotten about 7, but Sky Troops had an event apparently. No pics taken, since nothing happened. Anyways, we will have a training session and 2 tournament battles this week. Information here:
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We’ve Had Worse…

Well, I thought this recruiting session today would be a huge success like last time. We had about 6 people online 20 minutes before the session. Little did I know, RBAA was invading IW the same time of our event. About 3 of our troops are in one of those armies, so we only got 3 today. Well, on the other hand, we did reach my goal of 8 people per event.

So, that’s that. We only got 3, we didn’t even do anything really, so I didn’t get any pictures. Just be prepared for our practice battle against Red Miners Army. We’re not on any Top 10’s, so maybe a good event of about 6-7 troops will put us back up there!


Practice Battle With RMA! [TOMORROW!]

Well, today I was approached by Braveboy who gave me a link to a new army: Red Miners Army. Sounds a lot like Blue Miners Army, am I right? Well, anyways, they are basically allies now, I guess. They have challenged us to a practice battle, and after declining a few Practice Battle invitations, I decided we should fight another army for fun once. Information below:

:!: Practice Battle vs RMA

When: Sunday, July 24th

Where: Klondike, Town


11:30 AM Pacific
12:30 PM Mountain
1:30 PM Central
2:30 PM Eastern
7:30 PM GMT/UK