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SW Empire

Table of Contents

1. Land

2. Laws

3. Allies and Enemies


1. Land

Capital/Recruiting: Berg

Military Base: Ice Berg

Training: Deep Freeze

Shared: Cozy (25%), Ice Pond (50%), Yukon (75%)


2. Laws


Owners/Mods – If you are found to have caused problems with the Snow Warriors site or members you may be put on probation. This will mean you will be at member status or banned on the chat for the duration of the probation period. You may lose your editing power as well.

Members – If you are found to have caused problems with the Snow Warriors site or members you may be put on probation. This will mean a ban from the chat for the duration of the probation period.


If you are found guilty of hacking or treason as to maliciously damage the Snow Warriors reputation or cause great harm to our existence you will be fired and your name will go into the Hall of Shame for all to see.


Retiring is when a soldier doesn’t want to be in our army anymore. You will be allowed to make a speech and have it posted on our site. Some retired soldiers will go on the Hall of Fame page. Others will be listed at the bottom of the ranks page with an (R) beside their name to signify they served and retired from the Snow Warriors with honor.


Promotions are attained when you are active. To be active you must come to events and comment on the sites posts. Most promotions will be one rank up but some promotions will be more if you are deserving enough.


Demotions are done at the same time promotions are done. If you got inactive for a time (usually 2 months) you will start getting demoted one rank per month until you get to the bottom rank. At some point in time the bottom rank will be cleared and you will no longer be a part of the Snow Warriors.


  1. We try to keep our site as PG rated as possible. We will not stand for any profane (bad/nasty) language or any perverted conduct such as nude/porno site links. This conduct will lead to probation or firing for members and/or banning by WordPress for everybody convicted.
  2. Respect the leaders. They put a lot of work into getting their rank and making this place fun and safe for all.
  3. If you do your job you will be rewarded. If don’t get a reward because your not working then don’t cause trouble by crying about it or creating a problem by interferring with the Snow Warriors business. This can lead to a probation or a firing.
  4. Do not schedule events earlier than 9am PST time. Make sure an event with another army has been ok’d by the other army. Make events on servers which are not going to be full at that time period.
  5. Any advertisment may be removed at our discreation.
  6. Wars must be ok’d by leaders votes before going public with it.
  7. Never give out any personal information about yourself or anybody else. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, ages, schools, and passwords. This may lead to a  probation or a firing and/or a ban from WordPress.
  8. No asking for promotions. It will go warning, no promos for a month, no promos at all.


3. Allies and Enemies


  • BSW (Blue Sky Warriors)
  • CPFBI (Club Penguin Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • IV (Ice Vikings)
  • SF (Snow Fighters)
  • ST (Sky Troops)


  • (CPGT) ClubPenguin Green Team
  • Snow Troops
  • (StW) Storm Warriors
  • Black Bandits
  • Every other army


  • Green Fire of ClubPenguin
  • Extremes of ClubPenguin
  • Snow Warriors *Fake Ones*
  • Thunder Army of ClubPenguin
  • Water Raiders

130 Responses

  1. Nuclear Warriors are invading Ice Pond. http://nuclearwarriorsofcp.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/invasion-of-ice-pond/

  2. Hello, Snow Warriors. I am Blueicedude. I am the leader/founder of the Volt Warriors. I have come to you in peace for an alliance between our armies. I feel that we could both benefit from the alliance. Please respond ASAP. You can contact me by my email or by the Volt Warriors website.

    My email is blueicedude@gmail.com
    Here is the link to the Volt Warriors website: http://vwarmy.wordpress.com/


    PS. If anybody else sees this comment and would like to be allies, just contact me and we can work something out

  3. I have joined the nuclear warriors and i will inform you guys if they are trying to take over a server we own

  4. can we be allies

  5. I’m Super Pal 1, leader of the CPFBI. I want to make an allience. My partner and I are best buddies with Frothe 1.

  6. I am Super Pal 3, 2nd in command of the CPFBI. Thanks for the alliance. Frothe 1 is awesome!!!

  7. Sorry but CPFBI doesn’t have a website if you want to join it to. It’ll be awhile unless someone wants to do it for us. 😦

  8. We usually go on Snow Day if you want to join, ask if you see either of our penguins

    • OK thats good to know

      • Erm, Super Pal 3 does, I usally go on Frozen or Freezer. At 9:00 pst I think we’ll both go on Freezer. If not I’ll comment.

      • Ermm no I always go on Cozy.

  9. Hey, Can You Add Warriors Of Club Penguin To Allies? Thanks.

  10. Snow Warriors Are Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. This is Super Pal 3, 2nd in command of the CPFBI. Thanks for being allies. If you see my penguin and ask me you can join if I say so

  12. I think you might have an enemy now!

  13. The Shadow Warriors Could be your enemy!

    • Don’t suggest enemies SP3!

  14. Thanks for becoming allies again!

    • Whoa whoa whoa Super Pal 3, slow down. I give my thanks also. Whats RPF, are they with us or against us? Just wandering.

  15. Umm, does any army own Freezer of Frozen? They are CPFBI’s HQ servers so I want to know.

    • Hello, CPFBI doesn’t have any HQ severs! You should know, you’re the LEADER!!! P.S. Club Penguin Ultimate Super Spies want frozen. and by now the FROZEN warriors would have gotten those servers, duh.

  16. How did Super Pal 1 get 4 more medals!?

    • 4 more? I was only supposed to get 1 more, atlest I think.

  17. You got 4 more check it!!!!!!!

    • I did check it! Maybe I did get for 4 more I don’t know how much medals it was worth for being on chat a few minutes.

  18. can we come to an alliance plz put in allies plz

  19. and lol Super pal

  20. I made a website for the CPFBI!!!!!!!!

  21. Good news, CPFBI has a website if you want to join. It isn’t wordpress and you can’t comment( I think ) but it will tell you how to join. 🙂

    • thats cool super

      • cant wait to join 😀

  22. can u add star warriors plz i have been asking and asking and asking plz

  23. Umm Basloo your already an agent for CPFBI.

  24. Don’t add CPFBI’s backup force it is TOP SECRET. I’m not even giving the enitials or the code name.

    • Frothe know the name of it, even the real name. Just don’t ask him for it, please.

  25. Sorry those of you who are CPFBI agents, but the new site may have to shut down. 😦

    • why 😦

      • Classified 😉

    • say WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

  26. oh ok

  27. The site shut down.

  28. Hi, I would like to have a PB with you guys. As you may know, my army is CPFBI. I’ll send you the times really soon.

  29. 3:00 PST Snow Bank Friday 30th

  30. Its not an Army Super Pal 1, ITS AN AGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. alright got it

  32. i wonder how r we gonna make enemies

  33. if we have a capitail wat is the rest?

  34. hey i got a question that occured to me while looking at this page.

    its that if the leaders and supreme leaders control a server
    and that once you reach to commander the next promotions is going to be leader? or do you have to wait until they promote you to leader and meanwhile stay as commander

  35. Would it be counted as betraying If I joined another army but still stayed in this one.

    • no way, this army understands everything! there so cool!

  36. no it wouldnt be counted as betrayel unless the army that you joined is enemys with the snow warriors then it is betrayel

    Cahockey: You’ve got the right to join any army you want. Even enemies. But if we go to war with them, it is betrayal if you side with them.

    Frothe: Yep I agree with Cahockey.

    Cahockey: Triple edit.

    • A double EDIT!!!!!!!!!

  37. i dont wanna do that

  38. CPUD and SP own Below Zero

  39. Ummm If anyone wants to join the CPFBI officially go to this site http://superpal1.wordpress.com/join/

    • Cahockey? We made a new CPFBI site, but its private for now, so when we make it public Can we put it once on the site again?

      Cahockey: Once.

  40. and cahockey you said I could put it once on the site so I’m only putting once to keep my word

    Cahockey: Super Pal 1 did, so no more.

  41. is my site

  42. Cahockey: No links. Sorry

  43. Are the skeleton people our enemies now?

  44. BB owns half of those servers

  45. Funny, I don’t remember rule #8 being there when I join. :S

    • me neither :S

  46. Aren’t the Rain Raiders are enemy and what about the skeleton people?

  47. ……. Okay SOME one is on here 24-7, when ever I come on, even at 10 PM PST, there is someone on here besides me. :S I suspect Conankun.

    • your thought wrong

      • i made a typo

      • Yeah like you were that one person.

  48. Pretzels Will Be Invading Glacier.

  49. the nw is enemies with every army, including SW

    Cahockey: I’m not scared of that one bit. They won’t do anything to us. And they are pretty cool anyway. Their “n” was awesome.

  50. Excuse me, cahockey but CPFBI offered to help you defend glacier, but you said you didn’t need any, so would that make us allies?

    Cahockey: CPFBI helpng us is pointless. All your soldiers are from SW then decided to join you. So you can’t really be allies anyway.

  51. umm well we had a few other soldiers that could of helped, like Penguin Ghos, Rockymay, Zae2011, and Memeee.

    Cahockey: Are they active? I bet not. Well, it’s impossible for someone to be active in CPFBI because no one is active without a website. Anyway we don’t need help. But IV would actually be good help cause they get 15-20 at events.

    • hey i dont have a website

      • yet

  52. well some of them go to chat and we do have website but its private right now, I’m not done making it, but SW is still tought enough
    GO SNOW WARRIORS!!!! 😀 Cahockey= Awesome Leader 😀

  53. CPFBI helped in the war today so we are true allies now. (And yes, Cahockey, a non-SW troop showed up)

  54. WHAT!!!!!!!! CAHOCKEY!!!!!!!! 2 AGENTS THAT ARE NOT IN THE SW SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!!! Iceberg Ice1 and 81raider81!!!!!! SO WE ARE YOUR ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

    More info at CPFBI site

  56. Are you serious? A Bacon flavored army? Thats a lame army seriously. 😛

  57. Hi guys

    I Want to announce 2 things today

    1. Becoming allies
    2. A message from cped

    1 . Frozen vikings want to be allies with you ,We hear you are very good our link is . http://frozenvikings.wordpress.com

    2. the message from cped , They asked us to hack you but its a nation law that we aint hacking you unless you harm us

    3. Have fun , When you need an allies help Just send a message

  58. wow thats pathedic cped

  59. umm I’m president of Below Zero now

  60. i know good job

  61. Ice Pond And Snow Globe Are ACP Territory Please Remove Them From Servers List

    24Keyser ACP General

    • Large and small armys can co-exist on servers.

      • they won’t accept it. we might should make an alliance of the server ice pond(and not invite acp). i know of a few armies that own ice pond and might help if acp gets out of line. 2 armies(a small and an almost medium) cannot fight the acp and win and have them accept it. CPED has beat acp by themselves, SW probably could too, but acp won’t ever admit defeat. so we might need an entire alliance. let me know what you think, frothe.
        ps. is cahockey even here anymore?

  62. Seriously, CPFBI are true allies we helped with something.

  63. Yay someone finally added CPFBI to allies 😀

  64. 3009th comment XD

  65. The U.S.P.H., other wise known as the Purple Heads declare war. It willc oem later this week, be on alert, we will comment when the time is right.

  66. Well if you want to declare war you have to fight all the people that share severs with us 😉

  67. cpud helped you yesterday but alex gave us the wrong server.

  68. oh yea its okay 😉

  69. How are we allies with PH? A peace treaty or something?

    • We agreed to let them share Snow Globe and they would stop the war against us.

      • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohh……………

  70. I hate ph i just dont get along with them. they just get on my neves


  72. So the Snow Fighters were our allies in Gen1, I think?

  73. Atention Snow warriors Sky troops declared war on Cpud Because they were trash talking us! Look on
    http://skytroopsofcp.wordpress.com See why we declare war on them Please help Sky troops!

  74. Sorry its http://skytroopsofcp.wordpress.com/

  75. isn’t ACP our ENEMY????!!!

  76. Umm…. No. Not all armies are against ACP! I don’t get why there all at war with ACP though. 🙄

  77. I claimed jack frost for you guys so add them I got it from a dead army

  78. Get jack frost on there i claimed it

  79. You can’t claim something you have to fight for it and win.

  80. It an unclaimed sever so therefor we don’t have to 🙄

  81. Scouts of cp would like to be allies 🙂

  82. oh yea reply on our site xD

  83. Can I be the president or vice president of ice pond? Lol jk jk

    • no really can i?

      • can someone anwsermy queation?

  84. 😡 I was president of Below Zero!!!!! 😡

  85. Hi I am Josiah Fett, the Ninja Freedom Force Leader.

    I can tell this army is a large sucsess, as my army is. I am going to say a few brief words about NFF:
    Ninja Freedom Force has taken 2 1/2 servers from Ice Warriors, has beaten Swat in a tournament, and also destroyed many hacking troubles.

    We ask you (if your leader agrees) to come and merge into us, however, if you would rather continue here, I can respect that. If you do not merge, we would like to be your ally.


  86. Club Penguin Federal Buruea of Investigation is dead.

  87. CP FBI is dead……:-(

  88. well, what about sasquatch? That’s one of our servers, right?

  89. Plz add swat to allies


  91. Could you add Snow Troops for allies

  92. MagmaMafia would like to go to war with you guys. Rules are No boys, no spying, and no armies. The battle will be on Friday July 29th at 9:00 EST. We will invade your capital server.

    • the 24 hour needs to give the army at least 24 hours and you need to give us site link

  93. Im sorry but your Battle does not apply to the 24 hour rule

  94. Nightfire of cp and blacktroops of cp are invadeing berg at 8 cst and ice berg at 8 45 cst

  95. july 30

    5:00 PM PST
    6:00PM MST
    7:00 PM CST
    8:00PM EST 1:00 AM (UK)

    • fpaaa141 maybe ur army is crap u idiot. I like to see you vs us shadow troops,


  98. I am the Shadow troops general but not owner or creater. Ur army is impressive but not impressive as the shadow troops. I would like to battle u soon. Bring it. I u can make it meet me tommorrow on snow board. Go to the ice berg but not wiht ur army. We will have a talk there.

  99. Hi i am the dark spartans leader we want to battle aug 12th same time as last time only a few of my soilders will be coming

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