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Here are some of our emote tactics:

  • E + 1 = Victory Smiles
  • E + 3 = Straight Face
  • E + 6 = In Your Face
  • E + 8 = Barf Bomb
  • E + 9 = War Faces


  • E + Q & E + W = Ice Scream Attack
  • E + T = Toot Charge
  • E + I = Igloo (defense)
  • E + O = Popcorn Attack
  • E + P = Puffles (defense)
  • E + G = Game Attack
  • E + H = Heart Attack
  • E + K = Eat Cake Attack
  • E + C = Cafine Attack
  • E + N = Moons

Joke bombs are a popular attack or defense since the text boxes are very large. Press j

Super Pal 1 came up with the Count Down Attack. Difficult to do but catches enemy off guard. Go on safe chat menu to games then to hide and seek then the 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 text.

Hello and Goodbye bombs. Press h for Hello Bomb. Press g for Goodbye Bomb.

The Gate Line. When in the snowforts run toward the plaza and press your mail(postcards). This will put you at the very right edge of the snowforts where we cant get attacked.

Reverse attack. From the snowforts run to the town. When you get to the town use the map to go to the Plaza. Wait for everyone to re-group. Then do a Joke Bomb attack in the snowforts from the Plaza.

Suprise attack. In the Plaza everybody walks into the ticket booth. Then on the count of 3 we come out with a Toot Charge and frenzy the enemy.



13 Responses

  1. you forgot the shelter teqnique

  2. remember he is not finished and also the gate technique

  3. We helped figure out the Gate teqnique 😀

  4. does any1 go to the 2 new pages

  5. I go to the 2 new pages

  6. wat the theres a cpfbi page?

    Cahockey: Frothe made it. I think it’s pretty stupid, because for the last time only one army can be posted, and that’s gonna be SW, not CPFBI.

  7. there is? :O THERE IS!!!!!!!!

    Cahockey: Yup 🙄

  8. Cool page!

  9. The ice cream attack should be the I-SCREAM IN YOUR FACES attack, lol

  10. 🙄

  11. i have a cool tatic i will tell you guys soon enough Super Pal 1 YOU KNOW THE TATIC STILL CANT BELIVE I TOLD YOU

  12. those tactics are awesome. thats some great stuff.

  13. It’s awesome in favor of me to have a web site,
    which is helpful in favor of my know-how. thanks admin

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