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Click here for chat.


1. NO SWEARING – 3 Warnings then a 1 hour ban

2. NO SPAMMING – Typing stuff like (dkjvbKVb) over and over again. Kick and warning then 1 hour ban.

3. When we are in the middle of a war or battle only SW members are allowed on chat. Guest everybody else.

4. No giving out anyone’s personal information – such as names, address, age, phone numbers, or passwords. Automatic ban for 3-6 hours.

5. No abusive insults/teasing – 2 Warnings then 1 hour ban

6. Main Leaders of allied armies are mods. Guest them when we are in the middle of a war/battle.

7. No caps – Warning then kicks until you uncap.

8.No Barney!   Nothing funny at all ice.  I’m watching you – ban for 10 minutes

*If you feel like your not being treated by a Owner/Mod fairly then you may complain and leave a message here. Please include the action that was taken against you and the name of the person that did it.


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  1. Guys, no comments are gonna be allowed here because of lagging. Put it on the newest post or something. And most pointless comments will be deleted. ❗

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