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Another Picture

Hey guys it’s Michael or Mmjjoo. So here’s another picture that I made. Hope you like it.


Test Pictures | My name

Hey guys! So you guys have probably been wondering what my name was. Well it’s Michael. So as some of you may know I’m 12. So I made some images. Please tell me what you think

Welcome Back Party

Hey guys. So since I’m coming back I thought we should have a party

When – Feb. 5 2011


12 Noon CST




Comment if you can come!

It’s Officail…

I’m sorry to tell you.. But I’ve been in CP armies for 2 years now… It is my time to go..

Frothe1 – One of my best buddies since the begging

Cahockey – A close friend

SP3 – A guy who really new how to party..

Basloo1 – A good person

SP1 – A guy that really was dedicated

Well I guess this is…….

A joke!

I’m back baby and ready to fight!


Hey guys! So guess who it is 😛 Itsa me Mmjjoo. So I know I haven’t been on for along time… A really long time.. So you know what! Anybody who’s reads his post will get to talk to me from now to 1:00 am on the 23rd 😀


Hey guys… Sorry I haven’t been posting or  going to events.. I’m getting lots of homework and I have to play a lot of hockey.. So you know what. Lets have a event:

What – Recruiting

Where – Matterhorn

When – Saturday, November the 13th, 2010

11 am PST, 1 pm CST, 2 pm EST, 7 pm UK/GMT

Please come.

Okay Really?

So really..  We need to get active.  As soon as I come back all of a sudden you guys go un-active!  I don’t like it!  If we don’t have more than 8 members PB and Invasion (including me).  If we don’t I’m going to retire.  FOR GOOD!