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Last updated: August 2nd, 2011 11:00 PM PST


Those of you that are green are active soldiers

Those of you that are yellow are inactive for the month

Those of you that are red are inactive for over a month

Anybody in red will get demoted for the month unless they become active

Leaders: Alex Cone & Dvorak

Advisors: Frothe1, Jasiux, Super Pal 1

Co-Leaders: Basloo1, Rainbow54334

Ambassadors: Dodo234, Kkabc123, Simon6789


Head General:

Grand General: Agentblacke, Braveboy, Conankun01, Kero, Pungy1234

Major General: Johneverett, Penguink2, Tic Loo Loo

General: Dath4, Pop 3468, Skater12312, Violetrox


Commander: Creeder1, Hbk300, Iceberg Ice1, Ralphmets1

Captain: Shiny49626, Warriorr99

Major: Josephp3, Moses106, Peanut205

Colonel: Agent Bearen, Icyi4, Rocky25721

Lieutenant: Jamaica507, James Halway, Hollowbat, King Pete852, Talex831

Sergeant: Anna1090, Asheley4, Bella Fan 21, Bellatrix189, Billy72318, Carrotninja3, Cold Beak11, Ferret129

Private: Jbmasterp, Rocken Royal

***We had a total of 12 active for the month of July***


38 Responses

  1. Woah…..what happened to SP3, he never retired!

  2. 😡 WHY AM I NOT ON RANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 I am a leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

    • CALM DOWN Dvorak is a new leader just calmly talkto him! He’ll more likely add you back if you ask calmy and don’t yell and use 😡 8 times.

  3. 4/8/11 13 soilders

  4. 4/9/11 22 Soilders we gained 9 from 4/8/11

  5. Not updated ranks since the merge?

  6. we need to update page

  7. Theyve been updated

  8. 13 soilders 4/16/11 Great depression

  9. I quit

  10. 4/20 20 soldiers. I hope we get bigger, because I don’t want it to die…..:'(

  11. 4/22 21 soldiers

  12. 4/25 22 soldiers, still great depression

    • Puggie, Im sick of your attitude. All you say is that we’re going to die because of this. HOW CAN WE DIE IF WE HAVE LIKE 10 ACTIVE TROOPS? SO SHUT UP ABOUT THIS ‘GREAT DEPRESSION’

      • I didn’t say we would die

      • Will you SHUT UP with the swearing? Alot of armies are made up of 8-10 year olds.

  13. Puggie Its not a depression we gained 9 troops.

  14. where is Jbmasterp????

  15. *Is waiting to get an obviously low rank*

  16. To be truthful I never did expect that Alex and Super Pal to be leading Snow Warriors.

    • Yeah, since you retired I started climbing the ranks very quickly until I became leader. Alex Cone…eh, emerged from the dark side and became a respectful leader 😛

  17. i like chicken wings

    • thats nice….

    • 😮

  18. 6/9/11 28 soilders…

  19. sorry guys but i have to quit the schedule is to late 😦

  20. you can take my name off its Elite Me

    • ok bummer 😦

  21. we need more members and more ranks

  22. i think there has been a mistake i just joined like4 weeks ago so how did i become captian?

    • Because of your experience. 🙂

      Now your name has turned yellow because you were not active this month. 😕

      Try to make events so you don’t start getting demoted. 😉

  23. When will i know if i was acepted to the army?

  24. Thx for a good rank for a newbie in this army like all my other arms I Am In Ill Be Active And Keep Up The Good Work

  25. im retireing since i dont go to events and am not active

  26. The American Army of Club Penguin, would like to ask if you would like to merge into us.
    I know that you have quite a size of solders, but I am just trying this to help my army in one way or another.
    The American Army of Club penguin would like to know if you guys would like to merge into us.
    Heres our link to our website.

    heres the join page link.
    Heres our twitter.
    And heres a way to contact us.
    Hope to hear from the SW soon.
    Would like them to Merge into us, so we can together, be a powerful force.
    ~Lincoln31543 Founder of the AACP

  27. why is my name not shown?can anybody tell me?i have created an account!

    • Maybe cause this army is dead.

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