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Members Uniform



13 Responses

  1. well i am hot

  2. xD 😆

  3. A leader needs to Edit the Non-Member Uniform because its changed

    Cahockey: You always are saying to edit the pages. And it’s not really changed, it’s just a suggestion.

  4. Basicly any of those items are ok

  5. i have all of them except the facepaint like i said i am a bad speller

  6. I just need the black mask and i’m completey finished the outfit!

  7. That easy wait until a play it will be out

  8. can i plz wear diva sunglasses and the befluttered! PLZ!

  9. One question: Can I use something from one and still wear the other (such as wearing the helmet, the mask, the ghost suit, the scarf, the white puffle, the ice skates and being blue)?

  10. @Anna1090 yes any of those will work 🙂

    -Retired Conankun01

    • Okay, thanks 🙂

    • Come back or I kill you O_O *sarcasim*

  11. i was wondering can i wear my white cap i got on the andventer party last year

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