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Guess Who’s Back!

Hey guys!  So listen..  Lets get one thing straight I am not retired.  I just got..  Grounded for a month..  And don’t even ask..  But I am going to stay in Snow Warriors.  Also I got some good news 😀  I made rep for hockey 😀  Also I will be taking my leader spot back.

14 Responses

  1. Lol, the Mmjjoo retiring was a joke xD.

    • Why you :l

      • XD welcome bak mmjjoo XD

  2. Why thank you xD

  3. YAY! PARTY!!!!! ONE OF THE BEST LEADERS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! wait! how did you post this if your gorunded…

    Cahockey: He’s not anymore (ono)

  4. MMJJOO YOUR BACK! 😀 😀 😀 You missed alot of things…..I hope you don’t check all the post (espicially one of Cahockey’s) that you missed……please……

    Cahockey: Don’t worry, he knows


    • Curses

      Cahockey: He knows about the fight, but not about the probation. I’ll tell him tomorrow 😉

      • 😆 You use curses xD. I would use bullcrap, dam (not right spelling) or fudge.

  5. Dang it! :\

    I wrote a nice Hall of Fame thing for you just last night and now it is gone. 😐

    Joking Welcome Back! XD

  6. LoLz Frothe, your still funny

  7. CW is planning on taking down the top 10 small armies. Would SW like to help SF and others take down CW? We would all share the servers. Below is a pic of jcm leader of cw saying he is invading.

    Cahockey: Sure, we don’t have anything to do.

  8. Hey Mmjjoo nice to see your back and came back to deal with all our problems sorry for demoting you because you were inactive when you were grounded.

  9. Lol thats funny xD

  10. Yay your back
    and not a funny joke 😦

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