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Make an epic line

A bunch of penguins are gonna try to make an epic line across Club Penguin. :mrgreen:

It will be video taped.

Server: Mukluk

Friday August 27th

1pm PST

2pm MT

3pm CST

4pm EST

9pm UK

I cant go cuz I will be in school. 😕 Have fun if you can make it!

Here is a video of the info:


7 Responses

  1. Stupid. How are you supposed to fit those penguins on a server. Mukluk has 2-4 bars always, and you’d need like 3-4 bars for that. But I guess I’ll help 🙄

  2. this could be a chance to show off ourselfves

  3. Seriously, on a Friday? Almost everyone is at school now!

  4. Well I didnt make it up. I just saw it and thought some people might be interested in going to it. I wish I could of seen it.

    Was it a sucess?

    • Me too

  5. aww couldnt make it

  6. Basloo and me had to go to school T.T

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